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 I appreciate your support. I am an entrepreneur. Licensed Cosmetologist, College graduate and full-time parent. I have a passion for beauty and transforming my clients. I want to provide my clients with a more intimate experience. From a holistic approach, we have evolved into a more natural Ayurvedic system offering All natural skin and hair care products and services.

The mission was to provide professional customer and hair service to all my clients.

The need for hair extensions and other hair products became the elephant in the room.

From there, I decided to provide more than just services. I am building solid relationships within the communities I serve. 


HBL understands every client is different. We have adjusted and adapted to our client's demands.
The main objective is to provide outstanding customer service with the best quality hair extensions at an affordable with the option to have your hair extensions or hair products available to you right at your appointment or mailed to your home for flexibility and convenience.

We offer a large selection of textures and lengths to serve every budget.