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HBL Hair Extensions

Lace Wig Grids and Knots Eraser

Lace Wig Grids and Knots Eraser

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Lace Wig Grids and Knots Eraser Silicone Melting Tape,

Bye Bye Lace Grid HD Natural Hide Cover Skinlike Durable Breathable Reusable Ultra-Thin Non-Slip Tape

Features & details

  • Ditch the bald caps and fake scalps and leave the grids behind. This new Silicone Lace tape will have your wigs looking like the scalp. This tape fills in those annoying grids that give your wig away every time. Don't look like the screen door anymore with this new product.
  • The Silicone Lace tap is customizable and easy to apply, and reusable. You can take it off and move it around as needed. Cut and shape it to fit any lace wig. Just round off the edges to help the tape blend seamlessly. This tape is ultra-thin and has a no-slip grip and a skin-like texture, giving a natural and undetectable look in any lighting.
  • Works on any lace wigs - HD lace, Swiss lace, Transparent lace, Lace Closure. Stong Hold - Doesn't move around or roll up once placed on lace.


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