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HBL Hair Extensions

Lace Glue Remover (For Scalp)

Lace Glue Remover (For Scalp)

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Lace Glue Remover

For use on scalp area only:

"Effortlessly and gently remove lace glue with our 100% organic Lace Glue Remover! Say goodbye to harsh solvents, dyes, and harmful fumes while enjoying the benefits of organic skin conditioners and a refreshing natural fragrance. Perfect for lace units, this biodegradable formula minimizes cleanup time and is gentle on your skin.

∙ No Harsh Solvents
∙ No Dyes or Harmful Fumes
∙ Organic Natural Fragrance
∙ Minimizes Copolymer Cleanup Time
∙ 100% Organic Skin Conditioners
∙ Antifungal
∙ Gentle on Skin
∙ Great for Lace Units
∙ Biodegradable


Do a patch test on the scalp. Check hair for colorfastness.
Step 1: Spray on scalp

Step 2: Let sit 2-5 minutes

Step 3: Gently rub to lather

Step 4: Wipe off

Step 5: Repeat if necessary


Replenishable Hydrocarbons, Organic Whetting
Agent, Natural Anti fungal.


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Customer Reviews

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Nice product 👍🏽

I purchased this along with the glue and it worked removing the glue I haven’t tried it with any other glue but it worked really well Nd didn’t irritate my skin